About Us

Family owned and operated since 2000, SERAS has been growing strong for 17 years and our hope is that someday our grandchildren will share our passion and continue to cultivate and nurture the SERAS legacy.  SERAS means to “Be” and “Become”, our natural products are intended to help you “Be” and “Become” healthier, and happier each day. Take a close look, you will see our “Be” moniker on every product.

The health properties and natural remedies of essential oils have stood the test of time and are needed more now than ever. Our mission is to provide a natural and affordable alternative to the synthetic, engineered and processed health and beauty products. Once you experience the refreshing and rejuvenating feeling that SERAS products create you will never rub synthetic creams, butters and lotions into your skin again no matter how good they smell.